DanceLab Berlin


DanceLab Berlin

DanceLab Berlin is an international dance company with two artistic directors and choreographers: JORGE MORRO and NORBERT SERVOS. DanceLab Berlin was founded at the Academy of Arts in Berlin as a platform for various artists creating our own pieces, inviting guests and promoting young talents. Since then DanceLab Berlin presents constantly new productions and international co-productions and has shown it's work in countries like The Netherlands, Spain, Luxemburg, Cuba and Greece.

We collaborate with actors, singers, composers, visual and video artists. In our program "A/Skin" we develop a cultural exchange with other countries and present internationally renown artists.

Productions of DanceLab Berlin: "Solo for a Mad King - Cordelia"; "Elements of Mine", dance film for ARTE/NDR; "Drink, Smoke - Made in Havana", co.production with DanzAbierta Cuba; "Valbarena", guest choreography for States Theatre Braunschweig; "in\TWO SOLOS", double program with "Not Coming Back" and "Dressed to Kill", co-production with Grand Theater Groningen for Noorderzon Festival; "El Circulo Eterno", co-production with Teatros del Canal, Madrid and "H.K. - Quintett", A production of TANZFONS ERBE.

The richness of forms to express a content is the form of our days.

This richness is the capital of dance and theatre and it should be the capital of a company of our time.

There is no contradiction any longer between styles and techniques.

Norbert Servos and Jorge Morro