by Jorge Morro and Norbert Servos

A Production of DanceLab Berlin and Grand Theatre Groningen



If you were used to think in a unity of two you have to recreate yourself as a single person.

Two dance solos with the same subject: the fear of loneliness – from a female and from a male perspective. But man and woman have one thing in common: They have to overcome their ego in order to find a new beginning. In their desperation they try out whatever promises a way out of the disaster: an imaginary speed dating, dreaming of an ideal partner, a firework of virtuosity. But at the end nothing works. Failing as chance.

A woman in a space alone, perhaps in a hotel room where she used to meet her partner. He doesn't appear any longer but she keeps coming back to this room again and again until she is not able to leave anymore. She finds herself trapped like an animal, not being able to move, not finding the way out. She is lost in her memories, dreams, sometimes nightmares. The only way to free herself is taking a close look to her inside. The piece tells her story, exploring her emotional landscapes. She is running away from her own shadow. Trying to be somebody else. Creating her perfect partner. She imagines to go to a speed dating, but there is nobody answering her. She faces her actual situation. Some places never let you go. The piece talks about how we leave and how we are left at the same time.
Running faster and faster she managed to stop time. She is timeless … the only thing left is her strong breathing. With her breath she recreates herself new … Light!

The piece is inspired by the real case of US-American Kevin Cotter who was left by his wife after twelve years of marriage. Staying alone with her wedding dress he started to abuse the dress in every possible way.
Our man in the piece goes through different states in a manic 'tour de force': dancing, talking, playing piano, shouting, but also dreaming. He tries to compensate the loss of a relationship by showing off. Overcoming the drama of his own ego, he finally realizes:
How can we know who we are if there is nobody. Nobody. Talking into the wind. Standing at the coast talking to the clouds, the waves, the sand. - No, we don't have to like the reply. But there has to be one. - Can you imagine how big it is out there? How unbelievable big? Can you imagine you scream and there is nothing, not even the echo of your own voice?